Week 106: November 16, 2015: Burning Suit and Trip to the ER

Welp. This has been a very interesting week. So Monday evening we had a lesson with the Arrington’s and with Sandra Cool. We taught the Arrington’s about Priesthood organization, Ordinances of the Temple, and Family History. The girl’s Baptismal date is set for this Saturday, November 21 at 6:00 PM.

We followed up with Sandra and the kids about going through the chapter in 1 Nephi and marking the verses. And so we had a good conversation about the different specific verses that were marked from each individual person and why they marked them. Aaaaand then the lesson turned right around back to prayer again due to the conversation from all the members at the lesson, haha! But yeah, that’s been interesting.

Then Tuesday evening, we spent the night over at the Persimmon house (Elder Grayson, Elder Barr, Elder Marler, Elder Martin) so Wednesday Elder Grayson and I would go on exchanges to get to the office and Elder Barr and Elder Sites would go on exchanges in the other area. Weeeeeell what ended up happening is at 9:30 PM Elder Sites started complaining about his vision and how it is becoming harder to focus on things and it gives him a massive headache. He took ibuprofen and just played it off as nothing. Then at 11:00 PM he says, “Elder Foxx, you still awake?” I say, “Yeah” and then he proceeds to explain to me that his vision’s gotten way, way worse and his left elbow down to his fingertips are completely numb, his left foot is completely numb, and his mouth and tongue are completely numb and explains that he’s had these symptoms before during 8th grade and one other time during his life and that it was classified as a T.I.A. (or “mini stroke”) And he’s playing this off so nonchalantly and saying, “Yeah, I’m just telling you this so if I freak out in the middle of the night, that’s what’s going on.” And I go, “Um… dude, do you need a blessing?” And he goes, “I don’t know…Nah, I think I’m good.” And then I go, “Are you sure?” Needless to say, I wake up Elder Grayson and Elder Barr, we all agree to call Sister Payne (mission nurse) before giving the blessing and then after telling Sister Payne everything she tells us to call 911 immediately before doing anything else.

I call 911 and literally 60 seconds after ending the call there are four firemen inside the house checking on Elder Sites and about another 60 seconds after that, the ambulance comes with a stretcher and take us to the emergency room. I call Sister Payne again, then call President Nattress, and Elder Grayson and Elder Barr follow the ambulance to the hospital. They did a bunch of different tests such as CAT scans and sticking him in IV’s, etc. So there was a point where the room had Elder Sites, myself, Sister Payne, and President Nattress. When it was all said and done, they diagnosed him with TIA (“mini stroke”) and told him to take baby aspirin (which is what he was on before the mission but then completely forgot to bring it with him to the mission). So we didn’t get home until about 3:00 AM. So that was fun.


So then Wednesday, Elder Sites went with Elder Grayson to the office since he wasn’t allowed to work at all for a day and I went with Elder Barr in his area. But yeah, that was an interesting couple of days.

Then next thing I know I hit my Two-Year mark as a full-time Missionary. Dang… that’s crazy to think. Two years has now passed on by. (It is a tradition to burn a suit coat when you hit 2-years…)


Friday, we then had Elder Foster (Seventy) come and speak to our mission. It was really good, it taught a lot about ways of working in our individual areas to make each ward a “Level 3” ward. (level 3 is defined as a ward in which the vision is caught that the members are the ones doing missionary work and the missionaries are simply there to assist them in this effort and to teach). There was a lot of things he talked about that I don’t necessarily have room to describe, but it was a really, really good meeting.

There was one statistic that Elder Foster noted that I thought was very interesting… a little surprising even. This statistic is only related to active members of the church (those who come to church each week, have callings, etc.) He said that only 50% of active members actually believe God hears their prayers. Only about 45% believe that God answers their prayers. And only about 40% believe He loves them. Those are kind of scary numbers for something so basic and fundamental in the church. I hope and pray that we always remember those basic truths; That God DOES hear our prayers, He DOES answer them, and he DOES love each and every one of us. A large majority of problems that occur in the world come when someone does not know these fundamental truths.

I hope that all you have a wonderful week! Be safe!

Love, Elder Foxx


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