Week 109: December 7, 2015: It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

So this week has been quite the blur. We haven’t been able to get a hold of Sandra for the longest time , but luckily she did text back to us and we FINALLY have a lesson set for next Tuesday evening. And she and her two kids were there at church yesterday, which was great to see.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere we go. Decorations are going up like crazy and it seems that this year a lot of people have gone the easier route and have chosen to purchase lasers to just shine on their houses. And just about everywhere we go, we are trying to share the message that A Savior Was Born for each and every one of us and what that means to us.

Friday morning was the Departure Temple trip for the missionaries departing in December. Aaaaand I missed it. The session was at 10:00 AM and the plan was to have someone ride me there at 9:15. He got there at 9:22 and then we got at the parking lot at 9:55. We booked it in and of course there’s a long line to scan in the temple recommend. And then when we go to change clothes, the person I was with forgot to bring white temple pants. So needless to say, the session already started by the time we got there, which stressed me and depressed probably a lot more than it should have. We ended up just going to the 10:45 AM session, but completely missed seeing all the other missionaries and the mission president and his wife and all that. So that was sort of a bitter-sweet moment.

Saturday was interesting. Elder Grayson and I had a little power exchange in the morning and we helped the Moon’s from Santa Rita ward move out. That was an interesting experience that just put everything in full-circle. Back in February 2014, Elder Bailey and I helped move that family in and now in December 2015, Elder Grayson and I help move them out.

Later in the night, we had Madero ward’s Christmas party. It started off as a service by putting together these children’s kits full of blankets, stuffed animals, picture-books, and toothbrushes for needy families. Then there was a dinner and it ended with a skit. We invited a lot of people and a couple of them seemed really solid that they were coming, but then we didn’t see anybody there that we invited, so that was disappointing.

Yesterday was my last Fast Sunday as a full-time Missionary, so I couldn’t help but go up to the pulpit and bear my testimony. It’s weird that time has come this far… the question I get asked is no longer, “How long have you been out?” or “How long until you go home?” It’s a matter of “How many days do you have left?” That is so weird that I am at this point.

Transfer calls came and I’m being transferred for my last week as a missionary… just kidding. As you can expect, nothing is really happening. At transfer meeting, Elder Sites and I will be in a trio for a little bit until I get home. It’s interesting, they’re barely touching the zone this transfer. The only people being transferred in our zone is Elder Shively and Sister Cowan. That’s it. Anyway, it’ll be interesting. Tonight I’ll be going to the Nattress’s home for the departure dinner. It’s crazy to think I’m at that point. It’s so odd… there’s almost like a small hint of fear that comes with going home. Not like I’m afraid of something happening… but… I dunno. It’s very similar to the anxiety and fear that was there before I left for my mission.

Anyway, I hope that all of you have a wonderful week! I hope that all of us will be able to remember the spirit of Christmas this year. I know that Christ was born because of His pre-ordained Mission to save us from our sins and our sorrows. And I know that it is through Him and through obedience to His restored Gospel that we can feel of that love in His fulness and have a desire to share it with others.

Love you all! Be safe! Elder Foxx


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