18 Month Tradition- Pants Burning

It’s a tradition when a missionary is out for 18 months that they burn one of their pants… Elder Skyler Foxx​ hit his 18 months several weeks back. He was finally able to upload his video recently. Enjoy the video below…


Week 25; April 29, 2014: He’s back!

We didn’t get to hear from Elder Foxx this week due to the Gilbert missions P-day being on Monday and he arrived back in Gilbert on Tuesday, but we did receive a picture from the mission office!

Looking forward to hearing from him soon.



A Mother’s Reflection…

As Skyler finishes his first 5 months in the mission field and now at the MTC, I can’t help but reflect on how far he has come.


When Skyler was little he was developing at how I would consider a typical child would be developing. Then what seemed to be out of nowhere things started changing. For example his speech totally digressed and he started speaking gibberish. But what was interesting was that his speech became more than gibberish. In fact, we called it “Skyler’s language” because he would repeat things that meant something to him. It just wasn’t “English”.

We were blessed to have him accepted into a special need preschool in addition to doing speech therapy for a period of time. I credit a lot to the preschool because I think without it; he wouldn’t have received the help he needed so desperately at that time. While we were going through these challenges we were also taking Skyler to different doctors as my gut was telling me something was “off”. My Mom sent me articles of Asperger’s syndrome and autism that she had read. After reading them I knew they were totally describing our son. The problem was, the doctors were totally stumped. They would tell us, “yes, something isn’t right, but we aren’t quite sure what it is”. They weren’t quite sure because he seemed really high functioning. As Skyler got older it was easier to see. Things like speech delay, walking on his toes (he still does this as much as we have tried for him not to), pacing back and forth or in circles for hours, quoting entire movies over and over again (after only seeing it once), stemming, all the “typical” things you see with kids with autism.


In 2nd grade he had a terrific and caring teacher of whom I still am very grateful for, saw all the signs that I pretty much already knew. (Mothers know best right?) After speaking with us, she played an important role in being his advocate in getting his proper diagnosis through the proper channels. He was evaluated again and was diagnosed with autism. We were told that because of his speech delay, he had high functioning autism versus Asperger’s (which is a form of HF autism). Gotta love the spectrum! This diagnosis allowed Skyler to receive the help he needed and received one on one aids at school.


Skyler didn’t know about his diagnosis until he was 12 years old. It wasn’t that we were ashamed about his diagnosis, not at all. We just didn’t want him to feel that he was limited because of it. We never wanted his diagnosis to be an excuse. However around the age of 12 he started to notice that he were “different” then his peers. He started getting teased and later even bullied. It was at this point that we knew we needed to tell him and explain that this doesn’t change who he is in anyway. He just had some extra challenges and sometimes has to work harder or adapt, unfortunately. But we made it clear that we will not allow his diagnosis to be an excuse for him. That he is capable of doing great things!


When Skyler was in 8th grade the bullying got to be ridiculous. I was inspired with a thought that Skyler and I needed to present to his entire 8th grade class on autism. What autism was, what it is like from Skyler’s view, how it is in his “world”. We created a script and for an entire day we went from one class to the next and shared this presentation. I can’t tell you what a difference this made. By the end of the day, Skyler had a girl come up to him and apologize for treating him so badly. That alone, made it all worth it. Things began to improve.



Skyler made great strides in high school. Since he was little he had a talent for computer animation and video. He joined Broadcast Technology and was a great asset to their team. By his senior year he was awarded the “Skyler Foxx Dedication Program Award” An award that was dedicated in his name and was to be awarded each year to a deserving student.

SkylerScouts2 SkylerScouts

Skyler participated in Boy Scouts of America. This was a challenge for him both socially and physically. Despite those challenges and with some encouragement from his Dad and fantastic scout leaders, he has always stepped up and earned his advancements. Boy Scouts has definitely been a learning and growing experience for him. Skyler’s Eagle project was a video he filmed, produced and edited (in addition to recruiting friends to help) called “I can accomplish Great Things”. You can find it on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GXcpKRiszc One thing that I love about this project is that as long as it is viewed and shared it continues to be a blessing to others. (Please share!) Skyler also earned his Duty to God award. Duty to God is similar to getting your Eagle but in line with spiritual strength and priesthood duties.


After graduating from high school, he started attending Estrella Mountain Community College for a semester and then transferred to an online program called Pathways, through BYU-I. During the time he was taking his classes, he was also working full time doing video editing with a company and was able to work at home. Because of this job he was able to fund most of his mission.

Skyler always wanted to serve a mission. I remember when he received his diagnosis; I asked my Dad if he thought he would be able to serve a mission. One thing I have noticed with Skyler is that throughout all his life despite all the challenges that have been placed upon him, he has always come out of them on top, ready for the next one. He has learned that there will always be challenges that come our way; we just need to do our best and make ourselves better because of them.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.19.30 PM

Elder Foxx has been a shining example to me. When he received his mini-mission call it was a surprise for all of us. We had never heard nor known anyone who has served a mini-mission. And to be honest the process has been a challenge on our family. (A whole other story) But Skyler has had the faith that everything would turn out the way it was supposed to. All that was important to him was that he was serving the Lord and to serve a full time mission. He has been serving for 5 months now and in just those 5 months I have seen such a growth. He has already blessed the lives of many and will bless many more. We have been witnesses of the blessings he has received directly from his Heavenly Father. I can testify that some of the challenges we were experiencing months prior are now blessings that I am cherishing. (Funny how that works.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 2.21.30 PM

You look at Elder Foxx now and most would have no idea of his diagnosis let alone his challenges. He has come a long way from the little boy I used to wrestle during church wondering why I was even there, to wearing a nametag as a representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. As he continues to serve in Gilbert and receives more training in the MTC, I have no doubt that he will continue to do great things and bless the lives of many more!

April 16, 2014: Heading to the MTC

Last night Elder Foxx was set apart for the Arizona Gilbert Mission (again) as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Afterwards we went to Red Lobster.

IMG_2189 IMG_2190

Then we left the next morning at 5:45am to take him to the Phoenix airport so he can report to the MTC. We ran into a couple other missionaries heading to the MTC as well. One was going to serve in Portugal and another in New York.



Our wonderful cousin, Mary Ellen Watterson and her husband, Michael were there to meet him at the SLC airport to take him to the MTC.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.46.07 AM


But first they made a special stop (one of our favorite places in Utah!)


Arriving at the MTC

PIC_0082 PIC_0083

Quick goodbye’s… (Thank you Watterson’s for getting Elder Foxx to the MTC!)



Friday, April 4, 2014: Going to the Temple

This morning was a special day with Elder Foxx as he was going through the temple for the first time. It was extra special because he was able to go through the Gilbert temple which is the temple he has been sharing and inviting members and investigators to attend the open house just months prior. And to make it even MORE special not only was his family and a close family friend able to attend but his mission zone and ward members from areas he had served in was able to attend. I can’t even express how special this day was for all of us. We heard over and over how much Elder Foxx is loved.

IMG_2129 IMG_2131 IMG_2133 Temple IMG_2136

Coming soon! Elder Foxx leaves for the MTC on the 16th.

Side note: Elder Foxx has not come home at all. He has continued his mission service since he has gotten his full time call. Rick and I have had to go up to Gilbert to attend to his needs of what needs to be done before he leaves for the MTC. Last Saturday was spent on getting his temple clothes, buying a new suit and larger satchel, buying a new suitcase, etc… In his last letter he commented how weird it feels when he is not with his companion. We agree, that is the best place for him to be- with his companion in his mission serving. His time in Gilbert during his ‘mini mission’ will go towards his full time served when he returns to Gilbert after the MTC. He loves it there in Gilbert and is happy to continue to serve there when he returns from his MTC training.

Full Time Mission Call!

Elder Foxx received his full time mission call…

Elder Bailey and the Zone leaders were thrilled that Elder Foxx will finish his mission in Gilbert. Elder Bailey told us that he and other missionaries in their zone as well as members in the wards they serve have been praying that Elder Foxx would receive his call to serve in Gilbert. We are excited for this next phase in Elder Foxx’s mission.

Elder Foxx will report the MTC on April 16th, but will continue serving in his current area until he leaves for Provo.

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